Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No More!

I don't know about you, but it drives me insane to see backpacks every where. Now I have hooks for them to all hang on, but let's face are messy! Hooks or no hooks they still look sloppy. Last year I came up with a solution. I cover that area with a shower curtain.

Why a shower curtain you ask? A few reasons:
1- it is vinyl and germs can easily be sprayed off.
2- tons of colors to match my decor.
3- the rings help it slide easier along the pole.
4- the main reason I went with a shower curtain as opposed to a sheet or regular curtain...I can't sew!! I can very easily trim off the excess vinyl. No hemming, no fraying.

How did I attach it? I bought 3 clamps a Lowes to clamp to my shelf above the coat hooks. These were under $1 each. I then bought electrical conduit, trimmed it to a proper link (well, my dad trimmed it). Then just threaded it through the clamps. The whole project, including 2 vinyl shower curtains, the rings, clamps, and conduit was less than $20. I did replace the shower curtains for $8 at the beginning of this year, but reused the rest.
I LOVE this solution. Each day the curtain closes. No one sneaks into their (or someone else's) bag. No mess!

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