Saturday, August 6, 2011

Literacy Centers

I've wanted to try literacy centers for a while now, and was having a hard time fitting what I wanted to do in with the expectations at my school.  Luckily, I finally figured out a system that will work, and I am super excited!  I will run centers Tues-Thurs.  Monday will be all of my intro and whole group stuff, and Friday we test and do test prep activities.  Here is a break down of what I will be doing:

15 minute phonics mini lesson- whole group
15 minute phonics/word study center rotation
15 minute Reading Strategies mini lesson- whole group
2- 20 minute vocabulary, comprehension, and reading strategy rotations
5 minute reflection

We have a 90 minute reading block, plus an additional 30 minute self selected reading time later in the day.

My Phonics Stations are:
Fluency Fun
Working with Words- teacher directed
Word Games
I will have 2 of each station with the same activity, but adjusted for reading level.  Groups will do a single station each day.

My Comprehension Stations are:
Guided Reading- teacher directed
Listening Center
Leveled Readers (twice per week) Para led
Skill Focus

I am scouring teacher blogs, Pinterest, and proteacher for some ideas to put in my centers.  Once I have a list of activities I will try to post them here, as well as how I will manage the materials.  For now, enjoy the literacy center signs I've made.

Literacy Station Signs

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