Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, this is the week that both my children and I head back to school.  Time for all of the routines to fall back into place.  No more sleeping in, nothing on the schedule days.  In other words, back to reality!

I am really looking forward to the year.  I have 22 students on my class list and with one or two exceptions, they are great, well behaved kiddos!  That will be a nice change from my previous year.  I have been working in my classroom for the past several days and am nearly ready for the students to come. I really need to get some pictures and post them, hopefully I will remember to do so.

I have put into place several Pinterest ideas.  I have zip tied my desks, created a focus wall, made a mind jar for my refocus area, and a couple of center ideas are ready to go.  I have a few more on my agenda to complete before the first couple of weeks are up.

Whether you head back this week, or later (or are already back) I wish you a Happy New (School) Year!

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