Monday, July 16, 2012

Vistaprint 2012-2013

While did not offer it's usual awesome 4th of July sale, I still placed three orders and made out pretty good.

1st Order:
  • a key chain- I <3 my school 
  • sticky notes 
  • hat- school name and paw prints 
  • personalized T-shirt (for my son)- bulldog with son's name 
  • notebook- horse picture, no customization 
  • bumper sticker- I <3 my school 
  • a customized tote (pictured below). I have decided to create reading totes and math boxes. All of the reading materials students will need (including sight word cards, reflection prompts, various reading tip bookmarks, personal dictionaries, and all of the other things they will need.) 
Total (including shipping) was $5.98 (saved $20.08). Now, most of the items had very little customization.

Reading Tote
2nd Order:
  • small lawn sign- a "what Mrs. Kiwi is reading sign" I will attach a photo of the cover of the book I'm currently reading 
  • small banner- Tweet all about if poster (pictured below) - students will attach daily reflections to the poster 
  • business cards- Tweet all about it- students will write their reflections on these cards to attach to the poster. 
  • return address labels- nonfiction stickers to label books in my reading area 
  • notepad 
  • sticky notes 
  • personalized T-shirt (for my other son)- bulldog with son's name 
  • pen 
  • another reading tote (#2) 
  • Thank you note cards 
  • small rectangular stickers- to label my tech items in my closet 
  • larger oval labels- to label tubs behind my desk 
Total (including shipping) was $26.22 (saved $102.84). Most of these had picture uploads to customize the items.

Tweet All About It Banner  

Tweet All About It Reflection Card

3rd Order:
  • Personalized keychain (has one of my fav quotes on it) 
  • more small rectangular stickers 
  • more large oval labels 
  • small car door magnet (see below) 
  • Class Pass business cards (for restroom passes) 
  • Return address labels- for fiction books in my reading area 
  • Oversized postcards with a 100s chart on one side and a multiplication chart on the other- for my math tubs 
  • sticky notes 
  • rack cards- one side has ways to practices the words, the other side has the sight words for the year 
  • pen 
  • another reading tote 
  • thank you cards 
Total (including shipping) was $47.71 (saved $132.76). Most of these had picture uploads to customize the items. The oversized postcards were pricey, but it was something I really wanted for my students.

Small Car Door Magnet

I am pretty sure I will be placing a couple more orders before school starts. I am trying to wait to see if some better deals come along.

I hope you have enjoyed my creations!

**As a side note, I have no idea why my bullet points and text are highlighted white.  I have tried multiple times to correct it and nothing I do works.  If you know what I need to do to fix this, please leave me a comment to tell me!  Thanks!


  1. What great goodies! I have wanted to order stuff from there but I am afraid of a new and expensive addiction. =)

    I am your blog's newest follower. I love both kinds of kiwi...the fruit and the bird. =)

    I would love for you to come and visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart

  2. I think its great that there are even Vistaprint groups in teacher forums. Thanks for sharing your treasures. Hope life is going well for you as an interventionist this year. Let me know if you'd ever like to guest post about that. I think its a newer topic that would benefit many teachers.

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